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Flat fees.

Fair fees.

Great service.

All-inclusive, including $458.00CAD government fee for one class.
A professional application makes the difference. Flat fee does not include fees for classes greater than one, any responses to Office Actions, or re-statement of goods or services after filing.
One-time, flat fee. No extra fees.
We act as your address for correspondence. File first with CIPO, then engage us.
from $280-$900+ USD
We need to see the office action from CIPO in order to provide an estimate.
We will then give you a flat fee price quote.
from $1,670USD (including government fees)
File a Statement of Opposition to a pending application.
Flat fee to commence an opposition. Does not include filing evidence, cross-examinations, or written argument.
from $860USD
File a Notice of cancellation of a Canadian registration for non-use.
Flat fee to file the Notice for cancellation for non-use. Does not include preparing written argument.
Design registrations
from $2000 CDN
The cost to file and prosecute an industrial design registration in Canada.
Called a design patent in the USA, and design registrations in many other countries.

More Details on Costs

These prices are in CDN $, unless stated otherwise – reduce by approximately 25% to get the price in US $.

Payment in the currency of your choice.

We will bill and accept payment in the currency of your choice (US, Euro, CDN).

Pay how you want.

Pay by credit card, PayPal, wire, cheque.

Fixed Fees.

Most of our services for Canadian trademarks are provided on a fixed fee basis (ie. a fixed cost, provided to you in advance). With our model, we quote you a fixed fee up front for a particular service and we live by it. Our clients love the certainty of knowing what the fees for Canadian trademark applications will be, and we like the fact that we are incented to be efficient and effective (and not, as in the traditional model, rewarded for being slow and inefficient).

Our motto is ‘great service, reasonable fees’. We do not guarantee that we charge the lowest fees for Canadian trademarks. What we do guarantee is great service, great value and your complete satisfaction.

Government fees = $458CAD(~$340USD) for the first class + $139CAD(~$105USD) for each additional class.

Additional government fees apply for steps outside the basic application process, including extensions of time, oppositions, etc.

The cost to file a Canadian trademark application using our firm as your trademark agent is $1,210CAD (~$900USD).  This includes the government fee.

Beware of $99 filing “services”.

These are a scam: they simply file your application with CIPO (which you can do yourself for free). They provide no advice. Most of these applications are either abandoned (wasting the $330+ in government fees), or, encounter objections from the Examiner which are very difficult and expensive to overcome.

Other lawyers often charge by the hour for trademark applications. We don’t. We only charge our quoted flat fees.


If you have filed yourself and need help, contact us for a quote.  We will prepare and file responses to Examiner’s Reports for a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Of course, other government and agency fees apply to other steps such as filing assignments, oppositions, etc.


We can conduct searches for you.  There is a wide range of possible searches available – from simple “knockout” searches of the Register in Canada, to full common law searches, to searches in many countries.  Please contact us to discuss the search appropriate for your needs..

For Canadian trademark matters the total cost is composed of two separate costs:

  • The government fees (if any); and,
  • Our agency fees.


Our fees to draft and file the application are $620 (plus GST/HST if applicable – no taxes for clients outside Canada).  A properly prepared application will save you significant amounts of time and money. A badly drafted application is worse than worthless: the application will be rejected and you will lose the government filing fee of $330 or more.  These fees cover the entire process up including registration, excluding any Examiner’s reports.

Filing Info: The information that we need to prepare and file your trademark application is found here.

Schedule of Fees: A detailed schedule of costs for Canadian trademark matters which combines the government fees and our schedule of fees can be found here.

Learn More:  You can learn more about the Canadian trademark registration process, from application to registration here.

Our Full, Unconditional Money-back Guarantee

We are so certain that you will be delighted with our services that we offer an unlimited, no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with any service that you have received from us, and we cannot fix the problem to your full satisfaction, then at any time within 90 days of payment for that service we will refund our fees for that service to you.

Simply call Neil Milton at 613.567.7824 ext 224, or send him an email at

Government fees paid are not usually refundable.

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