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Law concept: Trademark and Licensing with optical glass

Licensing, buying & selling trademarks.

Where you are looking to buy, sell, license or franchise using your trademarks – or you are legal counsel involved in such a transaction – we can help.  Title to registered Canadian trademarks is transferred by filing a formal “assignment”.


 We help with:

  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio analysis
  • The legal agreements
  • Preparing assignments
  • Filing assignments to change the ownership of trademark registrations



Assignments of trademarks must be registered in Canada to effect a change of the register. In order to register a valid trademark assignment:

  • the assignment must be signed by the assignor
  • the signature of the assignor must be witnessed
  • the signature of the assignee is not required
  • the assignment does not need to be notarized
  • the government fee is $100
  • our fee to assist with the preparation of an assignment is $175+
  • our fee to register an already prepared assignment is $100
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