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We can help with trademark infringement on

To combat trademark infringement on, often the first and most cost-effective tool for trademark owners is Amazon Brand Registry.

The key steps to getting a brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry are:

  1. The brand owner must own a registered Canadian trademark or a have a pending Canadian trademark application (application filed and trademark not yet registered).  If you need assistance filing an application for a Canadian trademark registration. Go here.
  2. The brand owner then submits the mark to Amazon Brand Registry.  Go here.
  3. Amazon will send a verficiation email to the trademark agent associated with the application/registration with CIPO (the Canadian Intellectual Property Office).  The email will contain a verification code.
  4. The trademark agent should provide this email to the trademark owner.  We forward them on receipt to our client.
  5. The brand owner can then use the verification code to verify that they are the correct owner of the mark, and then use the various tools to attempt to combat infringement on

We can assist with all aspects of infringement on  Please contact us for more information.


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