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Cost: $100 USD

Applicants outside of Canada can include a correspondence address in Canada to facilitate the receipt of correspondence sent by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. If you are outside Canada, and you do not wish to have mail issued by CIPO sent you, you may wish to use our address and have your correspondence emailed to you. With this service you may continue to prosecute your own application with the peace of mind that your mail is less likely to be lost.

If you are an Attorney outside of Canada assisting your client with filing applications in Canada, you can file a Canadian trademark application directly with CIPO but any correspondence issued by CIPO will be mailed directly to the Applicant.  With this service, we can receive the correspondence and forward it to you by email.  Also, after filing the application, you cannot prosecute the application (respond to the Examiner, from application to registration) if you are not the Applicant or a Canadian Agent of record.  We can also assist with making amendments and submissions if any issues are raised by the Trademarks Office at rates to be decided on a case by case basis.

Our practical and cost-effective address for service services: one-time flat fee of $100.00.  Must be paid by PayPal (or credit card through PayPal) when you file the form below.

To proceed with this service, YOU MUST FILE YOUR APPLICATION WITH CIPO FIRST. Do NOT designate us as your agent nor the correspondence address on that filing. Then, use the form below to engage us immediately to act as your correspondence address on a Canadian trademark application. We will ensure the CIPO file designates us.

Once you have filed the application with CIPO, to initiate the process, simply complete and submit the form below.

To submit this form you must have ready:

  • A PDF of the filed application;
  • Your PayPal account or credit card information.

We provide:

  • Receive CIPO correspondence on your behalf and forward all correspondence to you by email without advice or recommendations.

With this service we do not provide advice or any reminders of deadlines.  You remain responsible for every aspect of your application.  As the correspondence address only we do not review the Canadian trademark application or any of the correspondence to or from the trademarks’ office (CIPO), we do not record deadlines or advise you of them, we do not monitor the status of the application nor do we provide advice or guidance unless you specifically request it.

Of course, we will be happy to provide additional services at your request, including reviewing the application and any correspondence from the Canadian trademarks’ office and providing recommendations and advice. Costs for any additional services will be based on our flat fee rates (plus any government fees).

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