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flagOur Fees For Canadian Trademarks

Our detailed schedule of fees for Canadian trademarks in PDF is found here.

We charge flat fees, not hourly fees in most matters.

Note: Canadian government fees for trademarks change often.  Please contact us for most accurate costs.

Approximate costs for filing and prosecution of a trademark application:

Filing the application: $1210 CDN for an application in one Nice class.

The filing cost is comprised of:

  • Our fee: $752.00* (taxable for Canadians)
  • Government fee: $458.00 (never taxable)
  • Each additional class: $215.00 comprised of our fee of $76.00 + government fee of $139.00
  • These fees include all costs to complete the process including registration
  • Does not include responses to office actions (if any) and any re-statement of goods/services required by CIPO.

Prosecution costs:

Reporting the first Examiner’s Report $200.00+
Responding to an Examiner’s Report $375.00 – $1,200+


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