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Correspondence Address Engagement Form

First, file your application with CIPO. Do NOT designate us as your agent or representative on that filing. Then, use the form below to engage us immediately to act as your correspondence address on a Canadian trademark application. We will ensure the CIPO file designates us. Note: this service is acting as your correspondence address only without any guidance or advice; if you want advice from us on any matter, please contact us directly. You may pay immediately via PayPal (any credit card), or have us contact you.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Identify your role vis a vis the applicant
  • Your firm
  • This is the address that we will send correspondence related to the trademark application to.
  • The price in USD $.
    This designation of Miltons IP as the Applicant's correspondence address may be rescinded, revoked, or changed by the Applicant at any time.

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