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Trademark agents & lawyers

In Canada, the licensed professionals who assist with the prosecution of trademarks and all other aspects of the Register of Trademarks including assignments of registrations and oppositions to pending applications are known as ‘trademark agents’.  Canadian trademark lawyers are lawyers who handle trademark litigation (infringement and expungement), as well as the buying, selling and licensing of trademarks.  Our team includes both registered trademark agents and trademark lawyers (who are also trademark agents).

Two different service levels: “full service” or “correspondence-only”

We offer two different service levels with respect to trademark applications – full service, where we lead the trademark prosecution and maintain all deadlines and due dates, or correspondence-only where we forward correspondence without comment and without keeping track of deadlines. The choice is yours.

Of course, many correspondence-only clients subsequently reach out to us for assistance when they encounter challenges, including such matters as difficult examiner’s reports, oppositions (to both their application and the applications of third parties), and assignments and other transfers of ownership.

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