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Flat fees, fair fees.

$675 to file your trademark application.

$1850 start-to-finish for most trademark registrations.

Includes government fees.

We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee: learn more.

Does not include taxes (when applicable), extensions of time, or any contenious matters.

From application to registration, through office actions and  oppositions, our trademark agents are experts at securing Canadian trademarks,  always striving to maximize your rights and minimize costs and delay. We provide  first-class full service trademark protection for non-Canadian brand owners,  with portfolios of all sizes.

Our fees for Canadian trademarks are almost exclusively charged on a ‘pre-agreed flat fee’ model, and with the exception of litigation do not use the traditional ‘charge by the hour’ model so common with lawyers.

With our model, we quote you a flat fee up front for a particular service and we live by it. Our clients love the certainty of knowing what the fees for Canadian trademark applications will be, and we like the fact that we are incented to be efficient and effective (and not, as in the traditional model, rewarded for being slow and inefficient).

Our motto is ‘great service, reasonable fees’. We do not guarantee that we charge the lowest fees for Canadian trademarks. What we do guarantee is great service, great value and your complete satisfaction.

This motto is highly applicable to the drafting and filing of trademark applications.  For Canadian trademarks, a well-drafted application prepared by an experienced trademark agent with who is looking out for your interests is crucial as it sets the groundwork for the entire process. In trademarks, as in many things, you get what you pay for: a well-prepared application is much more likely to proceed smoothly to a successful registration than a poorly drafted one.  A ‘quick and cheap’ application (or one prepared by anyone without knowledge and experience with Canadian trademarks) will likely end up costing you far more time, money, and grief than if the job had been done properly the first time.

Details of our fees Canadian trademarks for normal prosecution events are found on our schedule of fees found here.   For non-standard items, please ask for a quote.

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