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Canadian Trademarks From US Registrations

Canadian trademarks from US registrations

US –> Canada

If you have a US trademark registration, getting a corresponding Canadian registration is usually remarkable easy and inexpensive.

This is because much of Canadian trademark law and practice is very similar to US law.

However, there are no class-based fees in Canada so the government fee for filing a Canadian trademark application is always $250 CDN regardless of how many products or services (or both) are listed in the application.

Canada does not yet use the NICE classification system. Instead, the goods and services must be described in ‘ordinary commercial terms’. This requires some skill and care to do correctly, but generally, the descriptions in US registrations are a very good place to start.

Everything that you need to know about Canadian trademark practice is summarized in this clear, simple two page document:

Registered trademark symbol

Key Canadian TM Facts

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